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Good News For Early Detection in New Jersey!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of dedicated grassroots patient advocates, NJ State Senators Loretta Weinberg and Nia Gill have sponsored a bill that will be brought before the next legislative session.  This bill requires that all mammogram reports contain information on breast density, and requires insurers to cover comprehensive breast ultrasound screening if a mammogram demonstrates dense breast tissue.  Studies have shown that adding an ultrasound to the mammogram for women with dense breasts results in a 50% increase in breast cancer detection.

Physicians at Montclair Breast Center

Physicians at Montclair Breast Center

At Montclair Breast Center we have always understood the importance of breast density, and we tailor our recommendations for our patients based on multiple factors, including breast density.  If this bill passes, a wider population of women in our state will benefit from this advance in promoting successful early detection.

Voice your support for Senate Bill No. 3174!

You can email Senator Nia Gill here. (Essex and Passaic)

You can email Senator Loretta Weinberg here. (Bergen)

Learn more about what breast density means to you here.

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